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Canada's leading communication and documentation app

Storypark gives you the tools you need to nurture strong connections both within your team and with families. A simple yet powerful platform to support high quality practice and strengthen outcomes for children.

Communicate and engage
with families

Streamline family-teacher communication - sharing children's learning, notices, reminders, policies and messages. Ensure important information is shared, and families are engaged with their children's learning.

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Record daily routines

Communicate and share children's daily routines with families. Families can access routine information through the web or using the dedicated Storypark for Families App on their mobile.

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Join 300,000+ leading educators and families around the world who use Storypark every day.

A simple way to meet compliance requirements

Use the planning tool to plan for individual and group learning, and to record compliance needs. Use preset templates or create your own cleaning checklists, menus, weekly lesson plans, daily sheets for children and so much more.

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Your own educator portfolio

Record and make links between your work and your Continuous Professional Learning Portfolio. Plan, build evidence of your growth, and make links to your curriculum.

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A whole-village approach to documentation

Storypark also offers ways for families, and children themselves to contribute to the documentation process! Include the child's voice and have conversations with families for truly reciprocal communication.

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Enhance communication

A range of easy-to-use tools to help you stay connected with families digitally, at a time when face to face communication is challenging.

Aligned to your philosophy

Designed to support Reggio, nature-based, Montessori and other play-based philosophies.
Flexible to work how you do.

Private discussions

Send a direct message to a family member or have discussions with your staff, share ideas, updates and much more.

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Capture and share learning as it happens

Take photos, record videos and create beautiful stories. Families can follow on from their child’s activities earlier in the day.

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Make a plan

Create your own planning templates so you can plan how you want, with who you want. Link documentation together to provide evidence of your service’s planning cycle and see an overview for each child.

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It takes a community to raise a child

Communicate and engage with your entire learning community. It’s a great way to share news, get the word out about events, important announcements or to discuss topics and gather feedback.

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Monitor what’s happening at your service

See who has stories and who’s missing out. Observe the use of curriculum and support the work of educators. Compare and analyze learning outcomes over time.

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Link to learning

Select, create and customize the curriculum, framework or philosophies that you use at your service. Observe progression over time.

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Take time to reflect

Reflect on your practice, goals, assessment and registration in your own educator portfolio. Lead educators or mentors can offer their feedback by leaving comments or adding their own reflections.

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Record and share daily routines

Record feeding, sleeping, toileting, sunscreen and other routines to gather all the information about children's development together in one place. Make understanding a child's daily activity easier for families and more connected to a child's learning.

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Record children’s attendance

An intuitive yet powerful tool to manage your check-in and check-out process efficiently. Save paper and space whilst supporting families with attendance information in one easy place.

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Free professional
learning and development

World-class training for you and your team. Friendly support, here when you need it.

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Flexible and affordable for early learning services.
Free for families.

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