View real-time attendance

Easily track sign-in, sign-out, absences and movements throughout the day from any mobile device.

Capture room movement

Seamlessly record room transitions and movement between programs. Educators and parents have visibility on where children are even when groups change throughout the day.

Support for safe arrival

Support for centers’ safe arrival policy right within attendance. One tap to notify families when a child does not arrive as expected.

Attendance report selection pop-up

Easy and efficient compliance

Download raw or formatted records depending on your needs. Smart attendance and absence summaries do the work for you, eliminating data double handling.

Share with families

Support parents by providing sign-in and sign-out details for them as soon as you record them.

Attendance report selection pop-up

Access offline

No internet connection? Record attendance like usual - once you’re back online in the app, it’ll save and sync automatically.

Safe arrival policy support

For services in Ontario (and elsewhere) easily implement your safe arrival policy with one tap absence notifications.


Add quick notes or context such as health checks, so important drop-off and pick-up information is captured.