Learn how Storypark can help support your child.

Storypark helps your child get the best start in life by strengthening the connection between their centre and home.

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Download the Storypark App for iOS or Android

Families can record and share their child’s milestones and activities with their educators and extended family.

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Communicate with educators

An easy way for families to share and receive information with their child's educators. From family celebrations, learning at home, to getting updates about a child's eating, sleeping and toileting routines at their centre. Families won't miss out on anything important!

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Private support and a safer digital future for your child

Parents can decide who has access to their child’s information.

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Family members

Family can comment and post, creating a reciprocal learning community.

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Invite experts or specialists to help support your child’s needs.

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Current educators

Plan new ways to extend your child’s unique interests through private conversations.

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Future educators

Invite future educators so they can see your child’s learning journey, and you can learn about them.

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Hear the impact
for parents

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“We are a busy family of five with several close members living in different countries. It can be difficult to stay in touch, especially in realtime, with many genuinely news-hungry relatives while the young ones grow so fast. Storypark does all that for us!”

– Agnieszka Kowalew, Mother
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Private, secure,
controlled by you

Your privacy and cybersafety is paramount. Parents control access to their child’s profile and no-one can find their account unless you invite them.

Learn more about cybersafety >
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Free app for parents and families

Anywhere, anytime. Storypark’s cloud-based software means family members can just login and get started anywhere in the world.

Why Storypark is free >
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We provide information and help resources to help you get set up. If you have questions our help centre and support staff are a click away.

Check out the help centre >